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Genre: Documentary film

(90 minutes)

Director: Dimitra Zirou

Production company: Bad Crowd/Isme Film

Composers: Peder Niilas Tårnesvik and Kajsa Balto

Supported by: Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, Creative Europe, The Norwegian Art Council

Into the Land of Ice and Fire is a character-based feature documentary inspired by the contemporary life of the indigenous inhabitants of arctic Norway, the Sámi and it is being implemented with their necessary collaboration and most precious guidance.

The Greek award-winning director of the film, specialized in ethnographic cinema has been researching and photographing the Norwegian arctic landscape and the Sámi culture for twenty years before starting this documentary.

Two parallel stories are gradually unfolding the everyday life of two very different persons - that of 86-year-old Sara and 7-year-old Mihka - both residing in Guovdageaidnu - Kautokeino, in the middle of the Norwegian arctic tundra, through the drastic change of the arctic seasons and the passage from the long winter’s darkness to the never-ending light of the summer season.