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Genre:  Documentary (52 minutes)

Director:  Anders Palm Olesen

Producers: Upstruct Story/Isme Film

THE STRANGERS´ CEMETERY is a story about a Lebanese village where cancer spreads from toxic river water while
government authorities put blame on refugees living along the river banks. It's a documentary film about nature, community and death. With support from Fritt Ord, AniDox, Filmværkstedet.


Genre:  Documentary (74 minutes)

Directors:  Aslaug Aarsæther, Gunnbjørg Gunnarsdottir

Producers: Isme Film & Pink Rock Media

The Fallists want to end repression for everybody in society. With township boys, feminists and transpeople all joined together, they want to revolutionize a racist and highly unqual South Africa. What happens when they cannot even tolerate each other? This is a story about big dreams, chaos, belonging and rejection. Meet the activists and artists that have inspired youth across the world.

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